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Rabin’s murder remembered

Today, it is 25 years ago that Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister of the State of Israel, was murdered on the Kings of Israel Square in the center of Tel Aviv during a massive peace demonstration by some 400,000 people. My oldest daughter Taïr had just turned four. Now a beautiful woman of 29, she has never known the square other than Rabin Square, since shortly after the murder, the place was renamed. She lives right around the corner. She does remember well, however, how her [...]

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With such friends, you don’t need enemies

Last month, Israel “pulled the plug on God TV." the evangelical channel “spreading the gospel of Jezus” to the Jews. God TV is an evangelical TV network that, according to its website, broadcasts worldwide to hundreds of millions of viewers. The programs are made by broadcasters who have an Anglican, Pentecostal, “Full Gospel,” or Messianic-Jewish background.   Messianic Jews are Jews who accept the figure of Jezus as the Messiah, just like ‘normal’ Christians. From a traditional-Jewish viewpoint, Jews who take this step commit no [...]