Remembering Howard Rubin, from a distance (February 2012)

This post was written in February 2012. It's 30 days ago since Howard Rubin passed away, and throughout the past weeks I've noted the many kind and often moving words have been spoken and written about Howard, that true gentleman. This may be a bit presumptuous on my part, but I'd like to try and speak on behalf of those who did not know Howard well, who knew him, as it were, from a certain distance, and who, in spite of that observation, feel that [...]

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De mythe leeft voort – voor toeristen is Amsterdam nog steeds Europa’s diamantstad

  Enige tijd terug leidde Hetty Berg, de curator van het Joods Historisch Museum mij in een hoog tempo door de tentoonstellingszalen. We hadden beiden weinig tijd en ons doel was mij te laten zien welke voorwerpen en  er momenteel in het museum tentoongesteld wordt over de meer dan vierhonderd jaar oude geschiedenis van de diamantindustrie en -handel in Amsterdam. Een naoorlogse slijptafel, wat instrumenten, een interactive display. Berg vertelt dat het maar paar voorbeelden zijn en dat er vele honderden voorwerpen en dokumenten in [...]

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Out in the sticks

One of my American Facebook friends - she knows who she is - lives in a very small town in Arizona's countryside, and writes fantastic stories, among others about her well-planned and meticulously prepared forays into the city nearest by, an hour plus drive, for all the shopping and services she cannot get in her home hamlet. Living in Israel, a country the size of New Jersey, I've always thought this to be so amazing, that people would need to drive almost a hundred kilometers [...]

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